Shopping Feed For Google

Quick and easy way to create, update, optimize and publish your product feed to Google Merchant Center.

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How are we using your data ?

Our app fetch all your data from shopify and submit it to google feeds account whenever you want it to be submit. We use google APIs to submit your data to google shopping feed.

How our app is benificial to you?

Once you sync all your shopify products on our app then you are free to submit one or more products on google feed in just a single click, so it is very time saving and faster app for who is seeking to post feeds of their shopify products to google feeds.

Brief about our app

If you are here then you must know what shopify is and if you don’t know then you can check -

Our app is a bridge between Shopify store and google shopping feeds,

There is a simple scenario used by us to sync all your products from shopify and submit it to your google merchant center and we do it simply by following steps,

  1. Install our app using shopify store url
  2. Then we ask user to integrate our app with google merchant account by oAuth
  3. Google returns us API token (which is useful to submit feeds on behalf of user)
  4. Then you are free to select products and click on submit, then our app will use google APIs and submit your shopify products to your google merchant feeds.